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Online Sexologist

The Ahsas Dawakhana is one of the best sexologist in faridabad for Male, Female Sexual Problem Treatment  and General Problems like  Alcohol, Drug Addiction Treatment and also India’s first  online sexologist clinic provide sexual problem Treatment in all over India. dedicated specifically to the  sexual problems treatment.

Dr. Bk Kushwaha
18 Year of Experience

Specialist in :-
1. Male and Female Sex Problems
2. Kidney Stone
3. Piles
4. Addictions
5. Filaria
6. Fibroid & Cancer

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We offer extensive Ayurvedic medical services for all ages. Our mission is to deliver caring, professional service with a large variety of diagnostic and treatment options. We take pride in offering a high level of relief and comfort throughout our practice. We offer the peace of mind as you will be cared by the most experienced Ayurvedic Physicians. This ensures you and your family the highest standard of Natural health care. Along with safe and natural Ayurvedic medication Our most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options includes Alternativ therapy, Acupuncher therapy, Clinical Counseling, Mental Relaxation techniques, Learning disability care for children and Musammin / Natural Therapy for weight gain or weight Loss …etc

Can an addict lead a normal life (A question asked by patient to himself and by family members to doctor)?

Yes, an addict can restart his education, career plans, family as well as can be part of main stream living. Once an addict decides to leave drugs irrespective of the nature and duration of drugs, total deaddiction is possible. We, at our clinic provide help to addicts to get out of addiction and maintain his/her good health. However, an addict should always completely remain stay away from all addictive, dependency producing substances as there is a danger of relapse of some abuse or shift to a new abuse.